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Fort Worth HIKIDS

Helping Inner-City Kids in Danger

A faith-based organization designed to guide and help the youth of inner-city Fort Worth develop mentally, physically, socially, and morally

HIKIDS Mission

HIKIDS Mission HIKIDS Mission Statement Helping Inner City Kids In Danger is a faith-based organization designed to guide and help the youth of inner-city Fort Worth develop mentally, physically, socially, and morally. I. Introduction H.I.K.I.D.S is a motivational program designed to aid and e...


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Founder & Chairman David Carrizales

From the Founder’s Heart

“Thanks for joining us in rescuing today’s youth and future generations by reaching one teen at a time. Every day is a new day of excitement for us. I am in awe of what God has done and where we are going as an organization. This was birthed as an outreach and has now turned in to a rescue mission. I can’t say thank you enough to the leaders and volunteers…guys, you make it happen. To the Board and contributors, you have my deepest appreciation and gratitude.”


“I extend you an invitation as you view our website. Please make yourself at home, see where you would fit in, join us in supporting our youth in making good and healthy choices. Youth are our future. Be blessed.”


In the beginning….


Birthed in 1995, HIKIDS started out as an outreach to the neighborhood kids of Southside Fort Worth. The Church where my family and I were attending went through a period of being vandalized for a week. Every day of that week there was new graffiti on the outside of the church building and we were all concerned that it would not end. No one had the solution to a problem that was getting worse day by day.


I got together with the Pastor of the church and proposed we start reaching out to the local youth by holding activities in the church’s gym. We had such a great response that six months later after our first activity was held we couldn’t stop the flow of kids coming! Every week amounted to more and more and MORE.


The vandalism stopped completely. HIKIDS was born.


The need was obvious, these kids needed some love and attention. They needed us to be there for them. Those same kids are now giving back to the community with their acts of service and care. It’s powerful to see that what started out as a problem is now a helping force of HOPE.


HOPE for the Future


HIKIDS is a faith based program. We strongly believe kids have to believe in a higher being or source. Jesus Christ is the foundation of what we believe in, and ultimately what we base our teaching principles on. A strong foundation is needed for anything to last. When a root is bad it will never bear good fruit. Our hope comes from Jesus. The one who keeps you from harming yourself or your enemies and builds confidence in you.


“All kids are good kids, they just make bad choices. We choose to love them with unconditional love. We love them and challenge them…we expect nothing in return.


Our friendship is free and our arms are wide open.


Our desire is to make a lasting change in the lives of teens, their families, our school system, our neighborhood, our city, our nation, etc.We expect our principles and leadership to influence teenagers hearts and lives..to give HOPE and to encourage them to be upright citizens of this great city we call Fort Worth.”


What is a HIKID?A teenager (ages 11 -18) that has been seen as an outcast, has been rejected by society and IS NOW HI ON HOPE AND IS NOW BEING A HI-KID.


What we teach and model

  • Treat others as you would like to be treated
  • Self respect and respect for authority
  • Believe to achieve
  • Discipline
  • Focus