HIKIDS Meetings


Weekly Meeting Overview


Open Recreation
(Basketball/Volleyball/Table Games)


Call to Order/ Sign-In
Opening Prayer
Pledge of Allegiance
H.I.K.I.D.S Pledge and Motto


Guest Speaker/ Devotional

8:00 - 9:00

Tutoring/ Recreation












  1. Weekly meetings will provide the youth with an opportunity to interact with each other while developing socially, mentally, physically, and morally.
  2. The youth will be divided into age groups for various programs at the weekly meetings.
  3. Academic incentives will be available, thus providing the youth a means by which to develop a sense of accomplishment as well for outstanding behavior and cooperation.
  4. Parents will also be encouraged to become active participants in H.I.K.I.D.S meetings, activities and field trips that will help to stimulate a sense of community involvement in area neighborhoods.

Select a convenient location with a gym in the area to hold weekly H.I.K.I.D.S meetings. Begin a local awareness campaign making known the goals and objectives of the program. Appeal to local officials, businesses, as well as city organizations that share the same vision for the city’s youth, for support and funding.

H.I.K.I.D.S Meeting Guest Speakers

Guest Speakers for H.I.K.I.D.S meetings are individuals who are there because they care about the future of our youth. Their words serve as an inspiration to the youth. Guest Speakers are given thirty minutes to speak followed by a brief question and answer time.

Pastors and Ministers Bring the word of God and his salvation for mankind.
Police Officers/ Fireman/ City Officials Present themselves as a representative of a chosen career as well as an authority figure commanding respect.
Reformed Criminals/ Former Gang Members Witness to the power and saving grace of Jesus Christ as well as the evils and consequences of this lifestyle.
Local Sports Stars Professionals, amateur, college and high school athletes that can attest to the fruits of hard work and dedication.
Teachers Emphasize the importance of education now and in the future.
Career Professionals Explain the many career opportunities available in the field, thus broadening the scope of these youth who, otherwise, would not have met or heard from professionals.
Member of the Armed Services Tell personal experience as well as about the opportunities the military offers.