From the Heart of a HIKID ...

These are responses to the questions, "What does HIKIDS do for you? What do you like about HIKIDS?"


A 12 year old girl says

"HIKIDS encourages me to finish school...to aim high...and to do my part in order to fulfill my dreams."

"I have seven brothers and sisters at home and CPS has played a big part in keeping us together..home life has been tough on me."

"My mom and dad have had problems since I can remember."

"I thank God for HIKIDS."


Denisse 12 year old says

"They treat you well here...they pray for you and they can do the same for others too."

"I'm SOO glad my friend told me about it, she inivited me to come with her to a weekly meeting...now I can't leave! I've been coming since I was nine."


Cedrick and his friends all say

"My favorite thing about HIKIDS is the God part and basketball...they let you have fun and pray God's best for you."

Cedrick is 14 years and has been coming to HIKIDS since he was ten. He and his friends live in what they call the "Butler Hood", a neighborhood in Fort Worth.


A 14 year old boy says



An 18 year old boy says

"I don't know what I'd do without HIKIDS. I'm 18 and I'll be all grown up."

"HIKIDS is my family."